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What are cookies? 

They are small encrypted files placed on your computer to help improve your experience. There are some really good explanations of the different types of cookies and recommend the following sites if you have any more queries:

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Everyone is able to stop cookies through their browser settings. While we recommend that you allow cookies from this site as we do not leave persistent cookies on your machine (all very friendly and benign and will disappear as soon as you close your browser) you can change your settings. Different Browsers have their cookie settings in different places, so if you are unsure we have found a really handy list of browser instructions here


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For a few months in 2012 it was EU legislation that all sites had an explicit opt-in notification regarding cookies. In January 2013 this was revoked as it became quickly obvious that the ruling was arbitrary to use, annoying to most members of the public and totally unenforceable.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office – , the official body that covers online marketing legislation including cookies for the UK removed their opt-in pop roughly at this time. There were several articles noting this change that explains how the cookie legislation has developed.

This is one article which is both informative and entertaining (humorous infographics included)