Art for All…

The Art Room’s mission is to provide art for all, both through stocking an eclectic range of handmade items in the shop & gallery (from 20 pence – 000s of pence!) and by offering creative workshops for all ages, from as young as your teeny tiny is able to support themselves sitting, to infinity!

The Art Room believes there’s an artist in every one of us (no matter how “abstract”!) so workshops promise to encourage & support varying creative developments.  All you need to bring is yourself & an open mind to enjoy exploring & discovering.

To find out details for programmes run at The Art Room please feel free to contact Emma on 07834228054 or with any questions or queries…

Baby Busybugs – from Birth -1 year

Busybugs – from age 0.9 – 4 years

From age 5 – 10 years

From age 10 – 17 years

From age 18 – 99 years

Please find below the current adults brochure with the most up to date information on upcoming classes. If you see anything you like then please get in contact with and we can book you onto one of our courses even provide more information about classes. We also have classes on our Facebook page that can be seen as well as past classes which show a variety of the art that we like to offer to all.

Adults Workshop Brochure


For more details on all our activities feel free to contact us below.